Chicago’s Chocolate Factory

If you’ve every wondered about the source of that magnificent smell of chocolate that is so pervasive in the west end of the River North area, here’s your answer: Blommer Chocolate Company—the largest cocoa processor in North America—is located at 600 W. Kinzie Street. Blommer is a leading supplier worldwide of cocoa and other specialty ingredients for the confectionery, baking and dairy industries. The company plays an active role in promoting sustainable and traceable farming practices, working directly with thousands of cocoa farmers in Cote d’lvoire, Indonesia and Ecuador. Blommer Chocolate operates four factories, including the original Chicago plant. The others are located in East Greenville, Pennsylvania, Union City, California, and Campbellford, Ontario. Founded in 1939 by three brothers—Henry Sr., Al, and Bernard Blommer—four generations of Blommer family members have held top management positions at the company.