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Public Policy

Contributions to the public debate

Economics – Fiscal, Monetary, and Tax Policy

  • What’s the Matter with Kansas?! (2022 Edition)
    An enormous swathe of the American electorate consists of people who exist in a state of complete ignorance about how the economy works, even as they cast their votes largely on the basis of economic phenomena they don’t begin to understand, for politicians who act almost unfailingly against their economic best interests.
  • The Lies that Will Not Die
    After twenty-five years of working intimately with wealthy families, private business owners, and public company executives, here’s what I know about the Lies the Will Not Die…

Police Reform and BLM

  • Compassion for Black Rage
    For black Americans, state-sanctioned mass brutalization and mass slaughter are four-hundred-year-old atrocities that persist and pervade. Insidious, irrational white fear perpetuates these atrocities and precludes any meaningful redemption, healing–or even superficial reform–from taking place.


  • Welcome to the (New) Era of American Lawlessness
    The six conservative Justices do not have the sound judgment or the common sense to see that ruling against the will of the supermajority on so many aspects of American life will inevitably result in serious erosion of the Rule of Law.
  • T.J. the Anti-Originalist
    Thomas Jefferson was a radical, extremist anti-originalist, who intended a living, breathing, evolving constitution.

Technology and Digital Media

  • Fixing Big Tech’s Complicity in Misinformation and Crime
    The urgent crisis of misinformation demands a comprehensive, all-of-society response. The ideas examined here could lead to significant improvements. But many more perspectives and resources, along with as much national soul-searching and determination as we can muster are needed now. Our deep divisions are being hard wired into our brains. And we know that the road we are on now ends at “checkmate humanity.”
  • It’s the Algorithms, Stupid! – Understanding the Section 230 Debate
    Our country is being torn apart by the polarizing effects of tech-enabled echo chambers… Strategic curation of the content presented to users is the very definition of what it means to be a speaker or a publisher… Both amplifying and constraining the reach of any user-generated content should be illegal.